What Moves
Music moves us. What moves you?
      M u s i c   m o v e s   u s .   W h a t  m o v e s  y o u ?


 We've been waiting for yo

 See what all the motion's about!
We're so excited, we can't stand still. :)  And take it from us, this is NOT TO BE MISSED:


A very special EP recording show.

Join What Moves, The Newlybreds, and Stereo Frontier as they track some tasty tunes LIVE.  This is your chance to be part of Milwaukee musical history.  This is a one of a kind chance to truly be part of the music making process.  Come shout, hoot, holler or speak your peace into the audience mics.  If you're not feeling too chatty, get your picture taken for album artwork.  This is a FREE community event (21+) 

We want YOU to be on our album.  Let's Make some magic!

October 5th
Club Garibaldi's

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